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The Treasures Of The Sea: Discover Oslo's Best Seafood Restaurants

One of the most amazing parts of being in Oslo is the city's proximity to the sea and the beautiful landscape of the Oslo fjord. Why not make the most of it and enjoy some of the best seafood you can get for money? In this article we will introduce you to Oslo's best seafood restaurants to make sure you get to enjoy every bit of Oslo's culinary attractions!


Let's kick this off with one of the cheaper options on this list, because doesn't everyone love good quality for a small price? Fiskeriet can be found by Youngstorget square right in the heart of Oslo city and offers a variety of great fish and seafood dishes.

The location is full of history as the restaurant was established in the space of Oslo's last fishmonger's shop. The shop closed after 75 years in business and Oslo's saddened fish enthusiasts were delighted to hear that they would still be able to enjoy fish in the same location when Fiskeriet opened their doors!

Visit Fiskeriet to enjoy simple but great quality seafood with an affordable price tag!

Address: Youngstorget 2b, 0181 Oslo


If you want to go all out for a properly traditional Norwegian meal, Lofotstua is the place for you! The restaurant serves traditional Northern Norwegian food. The menu changes according to the seasons and everything they serve is prepared strictly according to Lofoten traditions.

The surroundings are informal, but every corner of the restaurant takes you back in time to the great fishing traditions of Northern Norwegian fishermen. The restaurant is filled with memorabilia and curious visitors will find many small surprises.

If you are adventurous Lofotstua is also the place to go for you: They serve whale and are also the only restaurant in Oslo that has seal on the menu.

Address: Kirkeveien 40, 0368 Oslo

Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin

Fine dining is more to your taste than rustic, traditional food? In that case, Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin is the place for you! The restaurant is located in Tjuvholmen, right by the water's edge and features a modern and innovative kitchen. They also have an aquarium with live lobsters and king crabs in the restaurant that allows you to choose the freshest ingredients possible for your meal.

Most of the dishes are prepared on a charcoal grill which gives them a special, caramelised taste and ensures that your visit to Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin will be one that you will remember long after you have returned home.

Address: Tjuvholmen allé 14, 0252 Oslo

Dyna Fyr

Sometimes, enjoying a visit to a restaurant is not only about the food, but also about spectacular surroundings while you enjoy your meal. If that's what you are looking for we suggest you visit Oslo's Dyna Fyr restaurant.

It is located in the historic lighthouse of Dyna Fyr right in the middle of the Oslo fjord. They serve a variety of different seafood options, all related to the location's history as a lighthouse. Due to its changing menu that adjusts closely to what is in season, Dyna Fyr offers some of the freshest food in town along with one of the most spectacular locations possible.

Access: The restaurant can be accessed via a 20 minute boat trip from Honnørbryggen


Sometimes you might want something more than just Norwegian seafood dishes for your dinner. If so, you should absolutely try VulkanFisk. They don't only offer cooked fish recipes but also a variety of sushi recipes. Fish is flewn in directly from fishing locations every single day to ensure the freshest fish possible for your sushi experience. You are also able to hand pick your fish and have a drink while watching the cooks prepare your meal. It is probably not possible to have a more in-depth dining experience than at VulkanFisk.

Address: 5 Vulkan, 0178 Oslo

We hope we could give you some inspiration where to turn next for dinner when in Oslo. As you can see good food can be found all around Oslo and the city is sure to make every foodie traveller happy. If you want to experience more of Oslo's culinary highlights, why not book our E-scooter Street Food Tour and try even more Norwegian delicacies?

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