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Privacy policy, cookies and image rights

OsloWay safeguards the privacy of its website users and customers. In the following text, we review what types of information we collect and how we process your personal data. You have the right to ask for your personal data to be erased and/or amended, and we explain here how to do this.


What information is stored?


If you contact us in writing with a query about a booking, a complaint or some other matter, we use, store and processes the following information about you:

  • Full name (first name, middle name and surname)

  • Address

  • Email

  • Telephone number

  • Nature of contact

This information about you will only be used to respond to the specific enquiry to which the contact relates.


If you make a booking on, you will be forwarded to our booking system. The system stores and processes the following information about you:

  • Full name (first name, middle name and surname)

  • Address

  • Email

  • Telephone number

  • Date of birth/age (if required)

  • Debit/credit card data

These data are stored to enable us to provide you, the customer, with the best possible service and follow-up. Providing your name when you book makes it easy for our customer centre, sales and accounting departments, and crew to find your booking. We send your booking confirmation and relevant travel information to you by email, It is useful for us to have your telephone number in case we need to contact you quickly about your booking.

In some cases, full name and date of birth/age of our passengers are a statutory safety requirement: Regulation on counting and registration of persons on board passenger ships, Section 6. Registration.

Your date of birth or age may also be used in our booking system to be able to give you the correct price (e.g. pensioner, student or child discount).

We may also process data registered in connection with the booking, for example destination, enquiries about special meals or particular information concerning your health or other matters within the framework of the customer relationship.

You provide personal data, for example online in connection with booking a trip, sending us email, contacting us by telephone or visiting one of our sales outlets.

When you make a card payment, you are forwarded to our digital payment solution provided by Wix Payments. Your card data are stored securely and are only used by our employees to refund money in the event of the trip being cancelled, for example. In such cases, we still do not have access to full information about your card.

Storing personal data

We store personal data as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes described above. We usually store your personal data for a period of two years from your last trip. In some cases, we have to store data for longer periods when this is required by law (e.g. the Norwegian Accounting Act) or in connection with complaints, when data are stored for two years after the complaint has been resolved.

Who may process your personal data?

Your personal data are processed by our employees, and our system and administrative service partners. Your personal data may also be processed by our business partners, such as bus companies, activity organizers, destination companies, tourist information offices, hotels/restaurants and local partners. Only necessary information about you is provided in such cases.

Who is responsible for your personal data at OsloWay?

OsloWay is the data controller, which means that we are responsible for your data being protected in accordance with the privacy protection regulations in force at any time.

Your rights

You have the right at any time to withdraw consent for the information you have given us to be processed. This means that you can also ask for your personal data to be corrected, completed or erased. All such requests must be made to us in writing at . Your personal data will then be corrected or erased within 30 days. If you have booked a trip that has not yet been completed, have an unresolved complaint or similar, the personal data will be erased within 30 days of the travel being completed or the matter being resolved.


If you consider we have processed your personal data in a way that does not comply with what we have set out here or that we are otherwise in breach of privacy protection legislation, you may complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

You can find contact information on the English pages of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's website.

Use of cookies

OsloWay website uses cookies to offer you, the user, a customized web service to ensure the most optimal user experience. Cookies can perform many different tasks, for example, storing the choices you make as you browse, as well as tracking usage patterns for statistical purposes. Some cookies permit the website to 'remember' who you are during the time you are browsing (so-called session-dependent cookies), while other cookies will also recognize you when you visit the website on a subsequent occasion (permanent cookies).

Without using cookies, the website will think you are a new user for each new page you browse. For example, if you have changed the font size on the website, you must then change it for each subsequent page you visit. Also, it will not be possible to highlight relevant content based on your browsing history.

The website uses Google Analytics

To gain the most optimum impression of your interests and how you use our website, we use the Google Analytics tool, which, through anonymized data, tells us how many people visit the respective pages. The tool does not send data to Google that can identify you as a person.

The Google Analytics tool helps us determine what should be prioritized on our website.

What happens if you don't permit cookies?

If you don't want to accept using cookies, you may withdraw your consent by changing your browser settings. For example, it is possible to ask the browser to notify you each time cookies are sent from the website you are visiting. You can also opt to stop all cookies sent to your browser. Further information about this process should be available in the Help function in your browser. We would remind you that changing cookie settings may result in not functioning properly.

Image rights 

Approved Instagram content terms and conditions

When accepting rights requests you are allowing OsloWay to use your content in future marketing campaigns with no copyright.

Rights will be requested by OsloWay via commenting on your Instagram and require a response to approve use of your content. To agree to OsloWay reusing your content simply reply using the hashtag #osloway.

Copyright: Upon approval, photos become the property of OsloWay and each Participant relinquishes any claims of ownership or rights therein upon approval of their content to be used.

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