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This is how Norway celebrates Easters!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Even if most of the Norwegians are non religious (the research from few years ago said that only one third of the population believed in God), Easter holidays are a big thing in Norway but more for practical reasons, like having few days off from work.

The first day of Easter public holidays is Maundy Thursday when majority of Norwegians packs and head off somewhere south or into the mountains for skiing (påskefjellet). Around this time of year the days are longer, sunnier but we still have a plenty of snow which is perfect for enjoying winter sports before the spring finally arrives.

Those that are staying at home the priority is to stock up on the food. And alcohol. The shops will be closed few days in a row and the last thing you need is to worry about what to eat.

House decorations are sold months ahead of the actually Easter holiday and many will have some sorts of Easter or spring ornament in their homes. Yellow color will dominate all around and many will enjoy reading or watching crime stories (påskekrim).

For some odd reasons Norwegians are obsessed with this literal genre in the period of Easter.

Hundred years ago in a daily newspaper, just a week before Easter, there was a major advertising campaign for a crime novel written by Norwegian authors Nordahl Grieg and Nils Lie. The ad was such a hit that the publishers decided to repeat it next year. The rest is history.

These days during Easter holidays TV stations broadcast movies and crime shows, while milk producers publish detective stories and mysteries on milk cardboard.

The Easter Sunday starts with a festive breakfast made from tons of fresh fruit, boiled eggs, egg omelets, cured meats or fishes and all sorts of breads or bagels. Afterwards kids will go on an egg hunt or hand color eggs. Hanging with family or going out for a forest hike are just few of many activities what people like to enjoy. But the most important is; looking forward to the spring.

And that’s what we’re in OsloWay looking forward as well, so to make our days even more exciting we have once again started with our E-scooter tours. Would you like to join us? Let's scoot together and enjoy springtime!

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