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All you need to know about Norwegian waffles

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Everybody loves them! They come in different sizes and shapes but regardless of the look they are very much liked all over the world. The most famous reside in Belgium, and the sweetest are probably from Netherlands. You have guessed we are talking about waffles.

@Ivana Peleh

The first waffles in a form of flat cake baked between hot metal plates were mentioned in ancient Greece. The tasty dish was known as wafer as it spread throughout medieval Europe.

At first the ingredients were very basic; just grain flour and water and the iron format was usually round. New culinary ingredients coming to Western Europe meant richer base for the waffle making.

According to first written waffle recipes originating from 14ths century France eggs, flour and wine were the base. The milk was used for making the cheese that could have been grated between two halves of a dough. That must have been tasty!

The waffle irons started to develop somewhere around 15th century when they took the rectangular shape to be distinct from the original round ones used mostly for communion.

By the 16th century, paintings by Belgian artists clearly depict the modern waffle grid form that most of us are accustomed to.

Detail from Pieter Bruegel's Het gevecht tussen Carnaval en Vasten – among the first known images of waffles@Wikipedia

Centuries of waffle production has made them richer, tastier…and sweeter. Today they can be found everywhere; frozen, home freshly made, in a coffee shop or Michelin star restaurant.

The first recognized recipes for waffle batter in Norway appeared in the early 18th century in Stavanger at the Kielland family library. The batter was made of wheat flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Spices like ground cardamom, mace, cloves, anise seeds and ginger were added. It’s interesting to say that many of these ingredients are still found in waffle recipe.

Today Norwegian waffles make a great deal in a daily food culture. They are eaten often and associated with hygge or cozy time’s family time.

@Ivana Peleh

Typical waffle serving in Norway includes variety of berry jams, sour cream and brown cheese brunost. Made from boiled whey, milk and cream it has slightly creamy texture and sweet taste making it perfect for waffle combinations.

Many consider this combination an unusual one, but we assure you that is very delicious. If you still don’t believe us, join us on our Street food tour and try it for yourself. You will not like it, you will LOVE IT!

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