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Top 5 Quirky Things to do in Oslo

There’s no shortage of unusual, quirky things to do in Oslo. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most creative and vibrant cities, nowhere else does offbeat quite like the Norwegian capital.

1. Emanuel Vigeland Museum

Not so many people know that the younger brother of the famous sculpture Gustav Vigeland whom statues we are now admiring in Vigeland Park, had a prominent artistic career on his own and he even built a whole museum for his paintings and sculptures which definitely belongs to the best-hidden gems in Oslo. The museum's main attraction is a room that is completely covered with fresco Vita depicts which represents images of the human life from conception till death and together with the darkness of the room without windows create a truly unique chilly atmosphere.

2. Have the worst time ever

A place where waitresses don't smile, drinking is mandatory and the seats are way too small. A place where the opening was cancelled and rescheduled on several occasions, to keep would-be-punters frustrated. 3.1 out of 5 stars, that’s how low its Facebook rating is. But the people behind Misfornøyelsesbar, Oslo’s arguably quirkiest place to have a drink right now – and that’s precisely why you need to add it to your list!

3. Watch a film in sauna

SALT, a nomadic art project with wooden pyramids in the waterside near the Opera house that hosts concerts, cultural events, and some unique sauna sessions. Have you ever thought about watching a movie, or a lecture in a sauna with 65 degrees celsius? Well, this is it! And you can always go for a dip in the cold water.

4. Eat Smalahove

Festive specialty dish not for the faint-hearted! Smalahove is made from a sheep’s head. Originally associated with lower classes, now has become a widespread Norwegian favorite during the Christmas period. The dish must be ordered with a couple of days notice.

5. Visit Hausmania

Hausmania is a self-governed cultural house in Oslo run by group of underground artists. The project is based on collective ideology and it became a fertile ground for Oslo's underground culture. The house is located in Hausmannsgate 34 in Oslo and serves as a club and culture centre.


Amazing as these activities undoubtedly are, they’re usually a tad mainstream for you: a quirky traveler who likes going off the beaten path and embarking on unexpected adventures. Well, these unusual activities above won’t disappoint when you’re in Olso!


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