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Get ready, get set, lets skate!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

There are many ice skating locations in the city, both in the open or closed arena but most them are situated a bit further from the city center. Even with a very easy and convenient public transport, this may appear a bit complicated for a visitor. That is why we wanted to introduce you to few ice-skating rings located within city center. Very close to usual sightseeing spots and stay locations for travelers.

#1 Spikersuppa

@Ivana Peleh

Located in the center of the city between the Parliament building (Stortinget) and the National Theatre, this ice skating ring is very easy approachable and therefore popular among the locals and tourists. Because of all the city lights and Christmas decorations some say it that Spikersuppa is the most romantic ice rink in Oslo.

@Ivana Peleh

During the summer, Spikersuppa turns into a pool with a fountain in the middle of the square. The pool was built in 1956, according to a plan by architect Arnstein Arneberg, and just two years after the group of trees on an islet in the pool and deer sculptures by Arne Vigeland were added.

@Ivana Peleh

The original construction was demolished in early 70ies during the construction of the subway tunnel and was rebuild shortly after the construction period was done. An ice rink in the pool was built in 1994 and the costs were covered by Narvesen, the kiosk chain of which one is standing on the further east end of the park.

@Ivana Peleh

Spikersuppa is free and open to everyone. The working hours are 15-21 Monday – Friday and 11-21 on the weekends. If you don’t have your own ice skates with you can rent a pair for 200 NOK in the pavilion next to the ring. If you bring your own skates, you can have them sharpened for NOK 100. Cool right?

#2 Frogner stadium

Just a short tram no.12 drive from Spikersuppa towards Majorstuen will take you to the Frogner stadium.

The stadium is a sports facility that used for various purposes in both the summer and winters. The preparation for the winter ice skating season starts somewhere in mid-October, so by November the skating ring is fully ready for a four months ice-skating season. The working hours are Mon-Fri 11 – 17, Sat 11-18, Sun 11-19

Nearby the stadium Vigeland sculpture park is situated, so this makes it a perfect opportunity for a small work out on the ice when heading to the park.

#3 Deichmans library, Bjørvika

@Ivana Peleh

Small urban ice ring in front of the public library just few meters away from the magnificen Oslo Opera house has been opened recently.

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Since the skating ring is located near Oslo central station, Decihman public library and Opera house it’s a perfect combination when visiting the city center or even waiting for your train, tram, bus or ferry ride.

@Ivana Peleh

It is not possible to rent skates on site, but even if you don't skate, the ring is a perfect place to enjoy a cup of warm cocoa and a sunset over the Oslofjord.

If you're still unsure how to get to the ice skating rings, we suggest that you come and join us on our Walking tour. We will definitely pass by some of these locations and we can even take a slide together.

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