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Vulcan area: Oslo's sustainable laboratory is the city's local treat!

If there is a place that is a perfect example of Oslo's sustainable development, it is definitely a Vulcan area. What was once Akerselva's heavy industry giant is now an innovative and almost energetically self-sufficient centre of youth local culture, green projects, and a midpoint of Oslo's vivid underground scene.

Why is Vulcan called Oslo's sustainable laboratory?

Like a phoenix from ashes. Thanks to innovative and eco-friendly architectonic revitalization, Vulcan became a full-scale example of Oslo's sustainable urban development. A massive revitalization that took place from 2004 to 2014 was meant to be the pioneer project of Oslo's sustainable development testing. It is home to Norwegian first energy A-class hotel, Scandic Vulkan, and an office building with facade entirely made by the solar heating system. The whole area has a local energy centre with 300m deep geothermal wells and is now almost self-sufficient when it comes to heating and cooling.


Mathallen, the project inspired by European food halls, is Oslo's first joint venue for speciality shops, cafés, quality restaurants, but also festivals and events. It is a great place to enjoy a nice relax, and satisfy your inner culinary child with various delicacies made with ingredients from best Norwegian suppliers and distributors, but also some high quality imported goods. Or maybe you are willing to experience something special? Contact us so we can arrange a special culinary cooking lessons for you to learn how to prepare the most exclusive Norwegian food, with local professional chefs!

Vulcan beehive

When you turn your eyes right next to Mathallen Hall, towards the roof of Dansens Hus, you will spot two wooden honeycomb-shaped statues, one of the Vulcans most impressive symbols. The installation was made in 2014 by Snøhetta architects and the purpose of these two massive honey-coloured wonders is to give visitors more information about how to contribute to the environment and the importance of bees to our environment. Vulcan beehive is part of Oslo's bee highway initiative, the project created to bring more bees to the city. And the green flowery area around Vulcan is a paradise for these little buzz-balls!


If you enjoy exploring the nightlife, you can't definitely miss the Smeltverket. The Scandinavia's longest bar is placed on the edge of Mathallen, right alongside Akerselva river. In fact, it's ground level is almost at the same level as the river so you can feel the true connection with the wild river. No wonder why locals love to hang out in this place! And Smeltverket knows how to treat its customers. Besides great food and a large selection of local beers on tap, this place organizes multiple poetry events, singing sessions, concerts, or quizzes.

Everybody is welcomed in Vulkan!

Do you want to see this place live? Than take the advantage and join one of our tours together with other curious visitors or contact us for a custom-made plan that is built especially for you. Explore Oslo as locals do, and we guarantee you will wish to be coming back to this place, just like we do!

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